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Reimagining the Balabusta

Bad-ass Jewish women take on so much responsibility and guilt. It is time to reimagine the concept of "Balabusta" to go beyond the babushka, the chicken soup, and the endless self-sacrifice. In this session, we will explore how to break out of old molds and own who we are as Jewish women with wants, needs, and visions today.

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Taming Your Inner Critic

The energy and messages inside of us that keep us from putting ourselves out there can be powerful. In this workshop we wrap our minds around the inner critic, diffuse it and transform that energy to propel us into the life we want.

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"Dahlia led a “Taming Your Inner Critic” workshop for our Congregational Virtual Women’s Retreat. The experience was powerful for the participants, many singled out Dahlia’s session as the most meaningful of our 4-day retreat. Dahlia is able to lead exercises that go deep fast and reveal new truths you’ve really known all along, all in a comfortable and supportive space, even virtually. We hope to have Dahlia teach us again sometime. "

Deborah Zuker
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