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"I began coaching with Dahlia because I couldn't get rid of the crushing weight of an entire congregation's pain and tragedies. Dahlia helped me establish firmer boundaries with my congregants and recognize what was behind my negative self-talk. She helped me develop strategies, and she made great suggestions when I got stuck. Her tailored approach made coaching accessible and helped me accomplish the goals that were most important to me. Best of all, she left me with tools to help me work through issues I might encounter in the future. Coaching with Dahlia was an excellent investment in my rabbinate and in myself."


"When I began working with Dahlia, I had various professional and personal goals that truthfully were all over the place. I was unclear on my direction, what I really wanted or how to get there. I felt I was someone who couldn't see a goal to the finish and had created this perfection trap of all or nothing. She guided me with so much patience, compassion and insight, that not only did I achieve significant goals (asking for a raise, taking art lessons, improving my health) that give my life so much joy, but I made profound personal realizations that have made me more emotionally whole. I see myself with so much more compassion and enjoy a new sense of accomplishment. It's been a few weeks since my last session and I continue to benefit daily from what I learned from her and know the lessons will have an ongoing positive impact. "

Marketing Officer, Federation

""Dahlia helped me put my desires into action, identify what I want most and take leaps of faith. I now trust my inclination and stopped saying “should have” all the time. I'm not ruminating on what others think and know that I am enough. I see my own strengths,stopped comparing myself to others. I'm less tired and have more consistent energy! ""


"The sessions I had with Dahlia were transformative. She asks you powerful questions to help guide you to discover and uncover the answers from within. I am so thankful for the perspective and insight that she helped me reveal."


"Dahlia creates a safe place to explore personal and sensitive issues. Her positive energy and intuitive listening created a comfortable space where I felt heard without being judged. Dahlia helped me uncover insights about myself that have allowed me to see life through new perspectives and bring further awareness to all interactions I have throughout my day. I highly recommend working with Dahlia."

Executive Coach

If I'm not for myself, who will be for me? If I'm only for myself, what am I? If not now, when?- Hillel the Elder


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