If you are an accomplished and powerful Jewish woman who feels buried under the weight of responsibility and wants to transform stress into energy, you have come to the right place.

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My clients are the most creative, hard-working, and loving human beings. Their desire to give keeps them tied to tasks that they don't have time for, but they don't know how to say "no." When they decide they have had enough they book 1 appointment that changes everything.

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"I began coaching with Dahlia because I couldn't get rid of the crushing weight of an entire congregation's pain and tragedies. Dahlia helped me establish firmer boundaries with my congregants and recognize what was behind my negative self-talk. She helped me develop strategies, and she made great suggestions when I got stuck. Her tailored approach made coaching accessible and helped me accomplish the goals that were most important to me. Best of all, she left me with tools to help me work through issues I might encounter in the future. Coaching with Dahlia was an excellent investment in my rabbinate and in myself."

Abby Jacobson

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